Twelve symbols of Catalonia

These twelve small bronze sculptures by Manuel Cusachs making up this collection are full of significance. He set out for them to be “Twelve symbols of Catalonia” (“Dotze senyes de Catalunya”). Instead of being twelve, there could be twenty four of them. Or more. The identity of a people cannot be limited to just twelve representations, however lovingly they were crafted. Nevertheless, so far, Cusachs has not gone beyond twelve. In these ten or eleven lines I shall try to put into words their essence, but words on any work of art, visual representation, are always superfluous. The oeuvre, in this case the sculpture, speaks for itself. There is no need to support it with words. Manuel Cusachs, who likes to define himself as a realist, has chosen twelve delicately stimulating subjects. I would order them as follows:

Joan Fuster, 1983