Thirty three Catalans. A few words of introduction

“These sculptures in bronze, grouped together in this collection, are aimed at being the sculptured interpretation of thirty three Catalans.

In the beginning bringing them all together was not the specific intention. It just became about very quickly as I went along, and the set formed a complete unit when there were thirty three or four finished.

Right from the start this idea was moved by the desire to create an artistic representation of friends and people who had influenced in my education, be it in totally different ways. Afterwards my initial proposal widened into including people I admired and who I considered masters who had helped me in my initial learning. With this objective then determined I formed the idea as a whole and defined my project: I was to make thirty three busts.”

The white cupboard

My white cupboard was enormous. It stood by the side of the door into my bedroom, and every day during my childhood I passed by it. My maternal great-grandfather had built it in his carpenter’s shop below our flat, and it was probably he himself who gave it the name that was going to stay in the family.


Everything fitted in it. If it had not been painted white, one could have taken it for the acolyte’s cupboard in the shadows of some sacristy. Its wood, even today, still preserves the marks of the original brushstrokes because it has never been repainted. The white turned to ochre.

“The cupboard is an invented synonym of our intangible thoughts shielded and piled away, our resolutions and hopes which in time we will be able to make come true to if we open doors. They are the great and small ideas that become lodged in our consciousness and drive us, we who are dedicated to the ever emotive professional of plastic arts.

THE WHITE CUPBOARD burrowed its way into my curiosity, like we keep inside us thought-images, which become mysterious over the passing of time. As the years have gone by this curiosity has led me to come into contact with and to get to know people I admire, appreciate and respect as friends. They make up a part of this collection, and there are others who I have not known in person. All of them are part of my White Cupboard.”

Manuel Cusachs

List of the thirty three Catalans of the White Cupboard:

Joaquim Casas, Lluís Terricabres, Ignasi Mundó, Josep Pla, Pere Servià i Cantó, Oriol Pi de Cabanyes, Leonora Milà, Josep Vallverdú, Joaquim Bech de Careda, Andreu Vehí, Josep Mercader, Jaume Clavell, Manuel Cuyàs, Salvador Espriu, Ventura Ametller, Antoni Lloret, Pere Barbany, Josep Maria Flotats, Joan Fuster, Pere Sans, Josep Maria Espinàs, Miquel Martí i Pol, Francesc Robert, Josep Martinell, Antoni Morell, Agustí Torelló, Jordi-Pere Cerdà, Isabel Clara Simó, Joan Coromines, Carles Duarte, Baltasar Porcel, Llol Bertran and Raimon.