Cusachs enter the world of bronze sculpture through the workshop of the family Manuel Parellada

Grant from the Foundation of Art Castellblanch. Stay in Perusa at the Accademia di Belle Arti Pietro Vannucci. Italy.

Enters in contact with Genaro Dottori, Italian futurist.

Exposition at the Palazzo della Vaccara. Perusa. Italy.

Begins friendship with the writer Josep Pla.

Prize for painting in pastel. Mataró.

A trip round the museums of Spain and Europe.

Image of Santa Anna. Sculpture in granite. Escoles Píes. Mataró. Barcelona.

Design of the presbytery: altar, crucifix, candelabrum, heart, chairs and windows.

Escoles Píes de Mataró. Mataró. Barcelona.

Girl in the garden. First large sculpture in sandy rock. Private collection.

Cabrera de Mar. Barcelona.