Manuel Cusachs i Xivillé. Mataró (Barcelona) 18th August 1933 – Mataró 14th february 2019

Manuel started his education in Art at the Manuel Cuyàs School of Drawing. Right from an early age he soon acquired a solid foundation in painting and artistic perspective. Class-mate of Ricard Opisso, he developed an affection for caricature and portrait. However, his direct contact with the granite from the quarries in his home-county, Maresme, was what finally swayed him towards sculpture.

His learning continued, aided by the scholarship he was awarded to further his studies in Italy, in Perusa, and later in Valldemosa (Mallorca) with the sculptor Joan Rebull. However, he did not limit himself to the workshop, visiting the leading museums in Europe. Back home, he struck up friendship with the writer Josep Pla and with other poets and literates of Catalonia, enabling him to draw on their personal artistic experience and to enrich his cultural references.

Portrait, the human figure and religious sculpture are constant throughout his creations, particularly noticeable in his work for state or town hall authorities, and for private collections across Europe, USA and Asia.

In 2001 the Generalitat de Catalunya awarded him the Cross of Sant Jordi. Academic of the Reial Acadèmia Catalana de Belles Arts de Sant Jordi (Royal Academy of Fine Arts). He has established his home in Òrrius, province of Barcelona, where he lives with his wife and has his workshop. 

Married with Ma Teresa Colomer, he had five childrean and six grandchildren.